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If you are a funny/smart/creative person, Cracked is the single best opportunity you will ever come across in your life.

No experience necessary. We will pay you if it's good. You talk directly to the editors.

Your work could be seen by millions of people. We need writers, artists, and people can do a little bit of both. Take your pick.


If you want to get paid to write the list-style feature articles that Cracked.com is famous for (like 26 Sexy Halloween Costumes That Shouldn't Exist, 6 Books Everyone (Including Your English Teacher) Got Wrong), The Actual Answers To 6 Famously Unsolved Movie/TV Mysteries, 6 Sad Facts About Beloved Characters, Proven By Fans, etc.) you simply need to sign up for our writers' forum. The only thing we require is that you're passionate, creative, and respectful of the other writers. It takes zero effort to join.


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If you prefer writing bite-sized comedy, we're always looking for people to create entertaining, informative images that can be shared on social media. We publish them in sets like 15 Paranormal Images Even Non-Crazy People Find Creepy, 27 Movie Effects That Didn't Stand The Test Of Time, 24 Beautifully-Acted Scenes You Probably Missed, etc.


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Single - Artist Image Sets

If you’ve got an idea for a set of a dozen or so images on a single topic, pitch it to us on the Image Set Pitch board. We’re always looking for clever new observations in image macro form, and if you’re not handy with image editing software, we can pair you up with someone who is.
If you’re on the fence whether your idea should be an article or an image set, ask yourself:

  • 1. Can my points be explained briefly (say, in 30 – 60 words)?
  • 2. Would they benefit from really strong visuals?
  • 3. Can I come up with 12 ideas on my topic?
  • If so, congratulations. Your brilliant idea is an image set.

Pitch A Single - Artist Image Set

Photoplasty and Pictofacts Contests

If you aren’t up for tackling an entire image set on your own, but have the ability to put together images with Photoshop (or whatever software you use), you should enter the Photoplasty and Pictofacts contests. There are a bunch of them every week. Pictofacts involve light writing and research and Photoplasty is a little more artistry-based. All of the contests are easy to enter and there are multiple ways to win. Plus, you get to tell people you get paid for making memes.

Enter The Image Contests


Cracked is one of the most popular comedy sites on planet Earth. If we feature your content, it will be seen by A LOT of people. We are very, very picky about what goes on the front page, but we'll give anybody a chance. If you're good, we'll pay you. We strive to publish every single great piece of content we get in. If you're a creative person and you can make stuff other people will like to read or watch, Cracked is an All-You-Can-Eat buffet.

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