They've done it. Marvel Studios has done the impossible. They've assembled a superhero team for one massive, all-encompassing blowout. But it's not for Avengers: Infinity War. It's for the trailer for the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, which was released today to promote said first trailer, which comes out tomorrow.

The ad for the much-anticipated ad is one minute and 46 seconds long, yet doesn't devote a single bit of time to footage from the movie. Obviously, they're saving every Ooh and Ah for tomorrow's full trailer. But they have to generate hype somehow, and simply announcing the trailer's release date via Twitter or a traditional press release is a last-resort tactic used only by the catastrophically stupid. So they've filled the announcement ad with key trailer moments from past Marvel movies. So now we're three layers deep: an ad for an ad, filled with ads. It was released on YouTube, so if you don't have an ad blocker, you're in essence watching an ad for an ad filled with ads surrounded by ads, all of which was probably preceded by a 30-second ad. The rest of the teaser is made up of reaction videos of fans watching the original trailers of the moments shown in the teaser. So you, the viewer of the teaser trailer, are watching an ad in which other people are watching old ads, all in anticipation of a shiny new ad.

Marvel has essentially released an advertising turducken to get us all hyped for the trailer for Infinity War, as if we weren't aware it's one of the costliest movie productions ever, is loaded with A-list stars, and is the culmination of nearly 20 blockbuster movies and 11 shows all released within ten years, which have collectively spawned dozens of copycats and legitimized a genre. If a movie of that magnitude still needs a trailer for a trailer made up of people watching old trailers, either no other movie stands a chance of ever being noticed or Marvel has shrunk itself down with Ant-Man technology to comfortably crawl up its own ass.

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