I wake up every day a blank slate. I erase all prior knowledge of my surroundings, and begin anew. All is fresh to my virgin eyes. "What is this object?" I ask each morning, innocent as a newborn. "It has a flat part, and these pokey bits, do I eat it? No... no I think I sit on it. How wonderful! A butt-stand!"

So if Trump says that he never spoke of grabbing pussies, who am I to question him? You might complain that there is documented evidence he did say such a thing, and in fact, he already apologized for it. This is a very linear way of thinking. It takes a true visionary to have a thought process shaped like a silly straw. Let bygones be bygones, and previously well established facts die. Those sound like a problem for past me. Current me is just enjoying these fun foot covers with strings on them. How did they get there?? Life is a constant, exciting mystery!

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